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Want to earn big-time money for
storing nuclear waste at your residence?

Since the Bush-McCain act of 2005, it has been perfectly legal to store all non-weapons-grade nuclear materials in your own U.S. residence.
IS IT SAFE? Please read the disclaimer
DOES IT PAY? Absolutely. Make $1,200 a month for every 100 pounds of vitrified radioactive waste you store on your own property. No limit per customer!

It's simple!    In two weeks you will personally sign for a specially-delivered package containing up to 100 lbs of vitrified radioactive waste materials.   It is recommended that you store this within a dry, airtight bunker with 6-foot concrete walls, located well above the water table in a location where it will not be disturbed by humans for 2 million years.  Then sit back and enjoy a check for $1,200 a month – forever!  Got extra room?  The shortage of nuclear waste storage sites ensures that as long as you keep your address, the United States government will always be your reliable trading partner. Higher rates may be available for transuranic isotopes.

What are you waiting for!  Sign up now!

And thanks – for being a great American!


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Satisfied in Baton Rouge
Pleased in Peoria
Tickled in Tehran

I am interested in storing the following:

uranium-234 half-life 246,000 years
uranium-235 half-life 703,800,000 years
neptunium-237 half-life of 396.1 days
plutonium-239 half-life 24,110 years
americium-241 half-life of 432.7 years
californium-98 half-life of 2.645-years

DISCLAIMER – By clicking "Sign Me Up!,"  I accept the risks of death, personal disability, or loss of all assets due to radioactive exposure.  I am aware that radiation may be harmful to myself, children, pets or unborn generations.  I am an American Citizen over 18 years of age not associated with any organization currently conducting terrorist activities against the United States.  I will do my honest best to provide safe storage for these materials, avoiding contact with groundwater or exposure to flood, wind-damage, earthquake or ocean-level change.  I understand the US government cannot be held responsible for my failure to meet these conditions,  and  I promise to notify the U.S. Department of Energy about any change of my address.

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